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What is a domain name

Domains are addresses of Web, your locations on Internet. They are shortcuts for communication and access of information. Register domain names to identify yourself and promote your business. The following are some examples of domain names that may seem familiar to you:,


What is an IP address

Each computer on Internet has one or more than one numerical addresses to identify its location on Web. The numerical addresses are called IP. Here is an example of IP address: However, numbers like this are hard for human memory and domain names are designed to relieve the memory burden.


Who is administrating the registration of domain names

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is the non-profit corporation that was formed to assume responsibility for the IP address space allocation, protocol parameter assignment, domain name system management, and root server system management functions previously performed under U.S. Government contract by IANA and other entities. For more information please visit ICANN website:ICANN


What is DNS (Domain Name Server)

Domain Name Server converts domain names into IP addresses which computers can recognize. For example, if someone wants to visit 'Yahoo' (, DNS translates this domain name into its IP address process enables the computer to have access for the web server directed by the domain name.


What is the syntax of domain names

Top Level Domain

A domain name consists of two or more words that are separated by dots. The word at the right end is called the top-level domain name. The following are some most frequently used top-level domain names:
*.COM--is used for commercial organizations. It is the most common top-level domain name. Anyone can register domain names ended with .COM.
*.NET--is originally applied to Internet organizations such as Internet service and maintenance providers. It is now available for everyone.
*.ORG--is designed for all kinds of organizations including non-profit organizations. Anyone can register.ORG ended domain names.

Country codes

The top level domains with two letters like .cn, .uk, .de and .jp are called country code top level domains. (ccTLDs). .cn is the top level domain of China and its registration is supervised by ICANN. The second level domain names ended with .cn are simply called national domain names. Different counties have their own regulations and policies for registering the second-level country code domain names. It is recommended that you consult domain name registering organizations or companies for the relevant policies and terms. Some domain names registering companies provide top level country code registration except for registering top-level domains (.com, .net and .org). ICANN does not authorize registrars to provide services for country code domain names registration.

Second Level Domains

The next level of top level domain names is what we usually call second level domain names. Take as an example, registrars provide second-level domain names ended with .com. The possible format of domain names is In this case, 'something' here is called the host name or third-level domain name.


How to register domain names on real-time registration system

A. become a member: If you already have a member ID, skip this step. If not, fill in your information in Become a new member

B. Check a domain name available: You can check domain names on line. If the domain name you apply for is not yet registered, you can go to Member Login and fill in the domain and click on 'submit' button.

C. Domain registraion: After clicking on the 'submit' button, the registration system will check your account in our company. If your account has enough remaining sum, the rest registration steps will start and you will finish registration within a few seconds or minutes (depending on the conditions of the network). You will then receive notification for the successful registration by E-mail address you provided when acquiring membership. After this step, you are able to use the domain name. If your account has insufficient fund, the system will send you a mail notifying you to replenish your account. You can restart registration process after you remit the necessary fund to our company and confirm it on this system.


Why there is no information of the domain name I just registered on other websites

This is a real-time registration system. Domain names registered on this system will be sent to Registry database. After you successfully registered, you can find your information on whois database. After you setup DNS, your domain name is ready for use. updates information of domain names through Registry main database. The information is refreshed one time everyday (at GMT 6:00-8:00 or eastern time of USA 1:00-3:00). Due to this update procedure, you can not find the information of your domain name instantly after registration. In most cases, you are able to find the information of the domain name until 8:30 (GMT) next day on InterNIC.

The information of registration provided by most websites come from so that you can't find the domain you have just registered on those sites or the search result is 'this domain name is available'.


I have money in my account but why can't I register successfully

There are several possibilities in this case:

1. Your domain name is improper or your DNS has an error.

2. Your domain name has been registered.

3. The conneciton with Registry database is shutdown.

4. Registry database is busy.

At GMT 6:00~8:00 (Bejing time 14:00~16:00), because the main database Registry conducts the data transference(transfer information of the main database to, the main database and the network system are heavily loaded. The registration process of this system will be greatly affected. The following problems may occur during this time: long registration process, unsuccessful registration, network connection shut down or registration process interrupted etc. Under such circumstances, please do not keep trying. You can wait and register until GMT 8:00 (Beijing time 16:00)ӣWe strongly suggest: Do not register during this period.


How to register DNS

If the domain name of your DNS is registered in our company, it is free for register its DNS on this system at present.


How to become a member

To become a member, please fill in and submit the form in 'join us'. The registration system will provide you a member ID. After acquired your member ID and password, you can take all operations. Join now


Why should I fill in so much information to become a member

To protect your rights and for quick and safe access to the real-time registration system, please carefully fill in the correct information. The information is also necessary for claiming all services of member.




What kinds of service can I get as a member

As a member, you can register domain names on real-time registration system, check the sum in your account and the expense list. You can also revise the member's information, password or delete domain names(within 72hours after registration). You can enjoy our special service or special discount for Member only.




What to do if I mistype my domain name

Delete the wrong domain name and register again.Deletion is active within 72hours after registration, and you must pay the deletion fee.)


What to do if I forget my member ID or password

Pleas contact us to get it. If you forget your member ID or password, please input your E-mail address (mandatory), then fill in one of the listed fields such as: full name, abbreviation of your name. If your input is correct,We will send the member ID and a new password via your E-mail.


How to delete a domain name

You can delete the domain names you no longer need or registered with typing errors. Login and choose Check domain name and input your member ID and password. The system will display all domain names you registerd. There will be a check box before the deletable domain name. You can find the detailed information of the domain name by its link to whois database.

Please pay attention to two points:

1. The newly registered domain names can be deleted within 72 hours after registration. The registration fee will be returned to your account but an additional $8 will be taken as a cost for deletion. The domain names with registration period over 72 hours can not be deleted.

2. The deleted domain names will be "on hold" for 3 months starting from the date of deletion. Within this period, the deleted domain names can not be either registered or used so it is suggested you keep the domain name unless out of real necessity.



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