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The First Step: Check the domain name you like if it is still available
WWW. .
The Second Step: Fill in the Registrant form   
Note*: You will skip this step if you are existed member.
The Third Step: Choose the Payment method
The Fourth Step:

View the Whois Look Up to confirm the domain name owner.
Note*: It'll last 24hs. to update database of the other Website.

The Fifth Step: To Select the web Host plan,Then release your homepage.
Domain Type Price(in US dollars)
English domains(.com,.net and .org) $19 per year
Multilingual domains(.com,.net and .org)
including European Languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.
$30 per year
.TV domains(English only) $80 two years
Note*:Successful in a English domain register,You will get one POP3 Email account it looks like yourname@yourdomain free befor you choose one Web hosting plan.

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